The too-soon reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise in the form of The Amazing Spider-Man seemed to make a lot of promise in its early teaser videos. Sadly, no one mentioned that all the entertaining parts of the movie were revealed in the trailers.

All that remained were awkward teen angst moments, even more awkward random intimate scenes between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey, rounded out by another run through of Spidey’s origin story with the obligated “let criminal get away who ends up killing Uncle Ben” sequence.

The rest of the movie was filled with gaping plotholes and a number of occurrences begging the viewer to play along just for the movie to continue to make sense.

Spoiler Alert!

Of some of the plot holes in the movie, there are some egregious ones:

1. When Peter visits Oscorp, he opts to steal an intern’s badge, while no one bothers to check ID nor bother to check the ID of the person he stole the badge from. Security simply tosses out the real guy, no questions asked.

2. While at Oscorp, Peter just freely walks into an experimental chamber full of spiders and webbing, without any security guards in his way, nor any cameras that pick him up as an intruder. He’s in street clothes!

3. Getting grazed in the leg by a gunshot damn near ruined the day. With all the heightened strength and web-slinging agility, and being pummeled by the Lizard all movie long, Spidey’s one weakness is a bullet to the leg, and he’s lost all ability to stick to walls, can’t swing from building to building, and even his web shooter’s reach is affected. Then after getting to Oscorp tower, he’s no longer hampered by the injury anymore. What gives?

End Spoiler

I didn’t really follow this movie since its inception nor cared much about the random production updates, but I always felt that it was too early to reboot the franchise. However, after seeing the initial trailers for the movie, I did feel that it had potential to successfully freshen things up with a more serious and darker tone similar to Christoper Nolan’s Batman.

Unfortunately, the movie simply fell flat because it was more about following along a predictable plot with haphazard character development than really giving new perspective to the franchise.

Un-Amazing and Unimaginative

You knew that the movie was going to introduce the following events in this format: Enter geek/nerd Peter Parker, introduce bully Flash Gordon, introduce love interest Gwen Stacy, introduce father-figure-in-uncle Ben Parker, introduce soon-to-be villain, introduce experimental spider, spider bite starts up Spider-Man abilities, get revenge on bully, get in argument with Uncle Ben, Uncle Ben meets his unavoidable doom, Spidey is motivated by death, fights a few bad guys, fights villain, everyone who knows his identity gets killed (or deemed crazy or cares enough to keep it a secret), and ends with terrible suggestive dialogue.

Basically, nothing to be amazed about. Just a cookie-cutter version of Raimi’s Spider-Man, with actors/characters swapped around, and some slight adjustments to Spider-Man’s mannerisms and a few nods to his signature poses.

Some Numerical Ratings (because it somehow matters)

Overall: 7/10
Acting: 8/10
Story: 7/10
Music: 5/10
3D: 3/10