Growing up, the term webmaster was synonymous with all things related to a website. To those on the outside looking in, it was a singular term that was a catch-all for those who managed websites, and was satisfactory in their minds as long as you didn’t smother them in the jargon of the intertwined technical details related to the profession.

Personally, notwithstanding my mellow and easy-going personality, it had come to my realization that it is incredibly difficult to discuss any semblance of the nature of websites before people simply start sweating bullets and have a sudden urge to change topics.

The simple mention of the three letters CSS and I’ve already lost them. Forget about going into databases and constructing SQL commands.

It’s already over. Done. Gone. There’s no recovery.

Which leads me to this blog — a way for me to lay out all my crazy ramblings that not one individual would care to sit and listen to, but interesting enough for the masses to read my various posts to either find something to entertain themselves with, something they can find relatable to, or to find solutions to whatever they need solutions for.

For me as a webmaster, I’ve been a web designer, content manager, database administrator, Photoshop guru, web architect, programmer, and server administrator. Personally, I’m a gamer, a media junkie, a techie, a nerd, a geek, and an artist.

Mix all of this together and this site will rise from the ashes of my previous blog that I have left to die a slow death. Not that it was terrible at all; was simply a case of running out of content for me to care to write about anymore. I’ve learned from my errors though. It’s about moderation and consistency. Having specific content out at a specific time like a weekly series will help sustain rhythm and restore my passion for websites that I have since regained.